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Psychsocial Rehabilitation

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chores and group decision-making, shopping and appointments)

  • Social (relationships, recreational and hobby, family and friends, housemates and boundaries, communications & community integration)

  • Vocational and/or Educational (vocational planning, transportation assistance to employment, preparation programs (e.g., calculators), GED classes, televised education, coping skills, motivation)

  • Financial (personal budget), planning for own apartment (startup funds, security deposit), household grocery; social security disability; banking accounts (savings or travel)

  • Community and Legal (resources; health insurance, community recreation, memberships, legal aid society, homeownership agencies, community colleges, houses of worship, ethnic activities and clubs; employment presentations; hobby clubs; special interest stores; summer city schedules)

Psychiatric rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation, also known as psych social rehabilitation, 

The mission of psychiatric rehabilitation is to enable with best practices of illness management, psychosocial functioning, and personal satisfaction. Treatments and practices towards this is guided by principles.

There are seven strategic principles:

  1. Enabling a normal life.

  2. Advocating structural changes for improved accessibility to pharmacological services and availability of psycho-social services.

  3. Person-centered treatment.

  4. Actively involving support systems.

  5. Coordination of efficient services.

  6. Strength-based approach.

  7. Rehabilitation isn't time specific but goal specific in succeeding.

Reclamation Provides 

Core principles of effective psychiatric rehabilitation (how services are delivered) which include:

  • providing hope when the client lacks it,

  • respect for the client wherever they are in the recovery process,

  • empowering the client,

  • teaching the client wellness planning, and

  • emphasizing the importance for the client to develop social support networks

Psychiatric rehabilitation (what services are delivered) :

  • Psychiatric (symptom management; relaxation, meditation and massage; support groups and in-home assistance)

  • Health and Medical (maintaining consistency of care; family physician and mental health counseling)

  • Housing (safe environments; supported housing; community residential services; group homes; apartment living)

  • Basic Living Skills (personal hygiene or personal care, preparing and sharing meals, home and travel safety and skills, goal and life planning,

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